About Mill Cottage Plants

*Due to the pandemic, the new plant health regulations, and general weight of years, we have decided to discontinue our mail order service. We apologise to our numerous m/o customers who have supported us over the years, but hope that they will find some of our special hydrangeas, epimediums and other  plants elsewhere, if they can’t get to us personally.*

If you want to order plants please click here to send me an email

or phone me on 01749 676966. We can then make arrangements for collection/delivery (under 10 miles) and payment either by cash/cheque/bank transfer


We’ve been running Mill Cottage Plants for over 30 years, focusing our attention on the sometimes overlooked species of Hydrangea; in particular Hydrangea serrata,widely cultivated in Japan. Gradually we are acquiring more and different named forms of these, concentrating on the Japanese varieties.

Autumn colour on Hydrangea serrata


We don’t neglect the familiar Hydrangea macrophylla however. Among this numerous and diverse species we concentrate on those that are a little special, including the Japanese forms and the ‘Teller’ hybrid lacecaps.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Merveille Sanguine’

Other species are also well represented: H. paniculata – H.aspera – H. involucrata, H. quercifolia – H. arborescens, Schizophragma and the climbing evergreen, H. seemanii. and each season we will be introducing new forms to add to the temptation.

Hydrangea involucrata ‘Mihara Kokonoe’        

Following the publication of Sally’s book ‘The Plant Lover’s Guide to Epimediums’ (Timber Press), we are also increasingly concentrating on the latest hybrids and new forms of Epimedium from China. Each year we are finding new, beautiful introductions and hybrids to tempt you – take a look!

Epimedium ‘Akane’


The perennials and ferns we stock are mostly for shade and/or damp conditions that would complement the hydrangeas in your garden.

And, this season, once again, we are stocking some of the beautiful Tall Bearded Irises that were bred in Suffolk in the post-war years, by the late Cedric Morris: the ‘Benton Irises’.  He loved subtle, translucent irises, that don’t even try to compete with modern hybrids. The bearded irises do prefer well-drained soil in full sun. Nothing to do with shade-loving hydrangeas and epimediums, of course, but we wanted to share their beauty with our customers. These will flower in May & June, and are in 2-litre pots ready for planting straight away.

We have also included in our list those plants that we generally sell locally: sun-loving perennials and half-hardies, that we grow here in our garden at Henley Mill.

The plants we supply are well-grown and ready to plant out in the garden. We don’t sell rooted cuttings, or plug plants.

Because we propagate the plants ourselves we do of course run out at the end of the season, especially of the more popular varieties.  **nb. if you want to reserve any plants please email me your wish list

Our garden and nursery will very much be open to visitors under the NGS by arrangement from May to September, 2021. We will of course observe social distancing, and we’ll be limiting the numbers of visitors. We are anxious to continue to support their charities. Please email us or give us a ring after 6.00pm on 01749 676966

Congresbury Garden Club enjoying tea and cakes on a summer evening