About Mill Cottage Plants



*Due to the pandemic, the new plant health regulations, and general weight of years, we have decided to discontinue our mail order service. We apologise to our numerous m/o customers who have supported us over the years, but hope that they will find some of our special hydrangeas, epimediums and other  plants elsewhere. We recommend Ashwoods Nurseries for rare hydrangeas, and Pineview Plants for a good selection of epimediums and special plants for shade.


But Sally offers a growing selection of talks to garden clubs and specialist societies.

Choose from a well-received zoom version of any of the following subjects


for those who are within driving distance, Sally will visit your group personally.

Signed copies of her book/s will be available (There’s a new book due in spring 2022!)


Talks for 2022/2023

21st century Cottage Gardens

Everyone loves cottage gardens. This talk is an examination of how our concept of cottage gardening has changed over the centuries and how it seems to be developing in the 21st century. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation.


With the publication of Sally’s new book, ‘The Plant Lover’s Guide to Epimediums’ by Timber Press, this talk covers the more widely grown species and forms, and introduces 21st century gardeners to the beautiful new species from China, and the hybrids that have been developed over the past 10 years, and are still being bred. (1hr. flexible) Powerpoint presentation.

Great Gardens of the World

Visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, from Italy, through Canada, to Brazil. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation.


Once ‘too popular’ in the fifties hydrangeas experienced a fall from fashion. But now they are undergoing a renaissance. This talk covers the different species, their growing conditions,  and care and propagation, and will show you some of the varieties that are coming in now from Japan via the French National Collection holder, Shamrock Gardens, and enthusiast Maurice Foster. As a nursery (Mill Cottage Plants) we exhibited them at the Hampton Court Flower Show in 2005, and hope to bring some for sale to your members. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation

Plants! They just don’t read the books

In response to a request for a talk on why some plants simply ‘die’ when you get them home, this talk covers some of the common problems with newly acquired plants, and continues with a look at where some of our garden plants come from, and therefore where to plant them in your garden. There are often misconceptions!

Practical Propagation

A purely practical explanation and demonstration of how to make more from your garden, including some ‘tricks of the trade’. (1hr, flexible). (Not available as a Zoom talk)

Shady Ladies and Damp Damsels

Suggestions for planting in those difficult spots from dry shade under trees to heavy damp areas. (1hr, flexible) Demonstration and powerpoint presentation

The Winter Garden

A reminder and, I hope, an introduction to some of the loveliest winter performers for our gardens. Followed by slides both of winter flowering plants and a few ideas for structure in the garden – the ‘skeleton’ on which to clothe the garden for the rest of the year. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation


Sally’s fee for 2022/23 is:

£150 for a zoom talk


£200 plus travelling expenses (45p/mile) for a talk in person. If it is acceptable to your Club, Sally may bring along a small selection of plants for sale at the end of the talk, together with signed copies of her book/s.

To book a talk please email Sally with your phone number and she will reply asap.